Tells you how much you are Using

How much you are Using?

Simple to Install

It is proposed to supply a number of the participating homes with a wireless electricity monitor subject to funding.

The monitors are intended to provide them with a detailed analysis of electricity use and cost for each home.

This information device will allow users to make informed decisions on energy usage and it is hoped that it will encourage a substantial decrease in energy use.

As a condition of the distribution each household will be asked to submit the data recorded on the monitors on a regular basis to our database.

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You will be amazed

You will be amazed

Data Access

 Data access would be provided to our central website by way of a gateway device that plugs into the participants broadband router and displays the data for the community  on a summary page.

It is also a useful to show consumption trends across the community and can be used as a research to tool.



You'll know-on the kitchen table

You’ll know-on the kitchen table

Heating control hubs

The committee have been in negotiations with an Irish company who have developed a heating control hub.

Extensive trials with the major utility companies has proven that monitoring helps reduce your electricity bill!

It is now proposed to install a number of hubs which will be monitored and it is proposed to use the global data for research.

Community Data for Research

Community Data for Research

The data from these hubs will be used in future test case scenarios for future add-ons i.e oil level, house temperature and hot water quantity control data collection, analysis and display.

When energy consumption becomes available for viewing and analysis, people tend to find natural ways to reduce their own consumption. It alerts them to situations where they may be acting in an unintentionally wasteful manner.

Great benefits for research in the use of monitoring technology to understand and optimise our energy consumption and generation. This allows an approach to finding  sustainable energy solutions in a logical,informed and evidence based way

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Will lead to Cash Savings

Will lead to Cash Savings

Cash Savings?

In households, this reduction can be as much as 11%-20% when the power meter is placed in a visible location within the house.

That is the benefit a single meter can do, imagine an entire system dedicated exclusively to energy monitoring and analysis.

In April, Ballynagran Energy Plus+ will be giving out Electricity Monitors -there are 150 monitors in total to distribute in the Ballynagran area. These will allow householders to monitor and manage their electricity usage.



Efergy Engage Elite Hub Kit for households with internet

Efergy Engage Elite Hub Kit for households with internet

Electricity Monitors now available for the Community

Please email Declan O’Flaherty if you want to be added to the list to receive one of these Energy Monitors. The monitors would cost about €70 if you were buying one.

If we have more names than monitors we will use a first come first served basis with priority given to the houses in the small grant scheme area.

If you have already sent your name to Declan then you are already on the monitor list.

We will be requesting a small contribution of approximately €6 for each monitor to cover a shortfall in grant funding.Sign up for an Energy Monitor here



Efergy Elite Classic Monitor for those without internet connection

Efergy Elite Classic Monitor for those without internet connection

We seek to achieve the following objectives from this project:

· To enable householders to analyse and optimise electricity usage (studies show that monitors utilised in the way proposed reduce electricity usage by 11 to 20%).

· To provide more detailed baseline data at a household and community level to monitor the effectiveness of future energy efficiency initiatives.

· To mobilise household and community activities that will encourage and track long term behavioural change, provide evidence and an ability to verify savings.

Additional information can be found at efergy!


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